etna elevator custom feeds agricultural service

etna elevator custom feeds agricultural service

etna elevator custom feeds agricultural serviceetna elevator custom feeds agricultural serviceetna elevator custom feeds agricultural service

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help us keep going

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About Us

How is Covid-19 affecting our Services

We want to assure our customers that we have spoken with our suppliers. We will continue to provide all feed & services. Because of our type of business we feel that it is important for everyone in the agricultural business to remain calm, but take precautions so that we can continue to feed the American People, & those that need our help. This is a time to come together so that everyone has food on their plates as we wait out the Covid-19 Virus.

Check our Products & Services Page to find out about our added services to help all of our customers stay safe while continuing to get the feed & pet products you need.

Our History

The Etna Elevator is back in the Hartzell Family! Many knew my Great Uncle Bob (Curly) Hartzell. In April 2019, Josh Hartzell purchased the Etna Elevator. We are dedicated to bringing great quality feed for our customers.

Our Community

We are dedicated to helping our community!

July 4th, 2019 marked our 1st big sponsorship as we brought back the Parade in Etna Green with the help of many great people!

This is also the 1st year that we had the opportunity to help our 4H kids out! We are so proud of our customers who made Champion & Reserve Champion this year!

What we have to offer!

We are still one of the few places left where you can bring in a custom recipe to have it mixed for you! We also have nutritionists & Reps available to make custom feed recipes to meet your unique needs!

Of course we also have Etna & Hartzell Farm mixes available, & already bagged right here at the Elevator!

If you prefer pre-bagged, pelleted, or crumbled feed, we also have ADM Feeds, Hubbard Feeds, VitaPlus, & Rancher's Choice available!

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Hartzell Farm Feed & Supply LLC / Etna Elevator

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