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Added Services during Covid-19 Outbreak

We will not under any circumstances discontinue any of Products or Services...

If you are 60 or over we are now offering Free Delivery Mon - Sat anywhere within a 20 mile radius. We care about all of our customers & since this is the age group that is most susceptible to severe symptoms, we want to start here with this expansion.

There are also now options to have invoices email with pay options, you can pay over the phone, or set up automatic payments that are ran after you pick up your feed.

Feel free to call us at (574) 858-0221 with any questions about products & services. 

Custom Feed

If you have a custom feed mix, we will be happy to make it for you.

For those who want a custom mix, but do not have a recipe, we can have one of our Reps form one for you.

Of course, we also have Etna & Hartzell Farm recipes that will work great for your animals!

Delivery Services

Free Delivery - Our most popular delivery service is our Free Delivery. Locally we will deliver Mon-Fri to Etna Green Addresses. Outside of our local area, we provide Free Delivery every Thursday with our Box Truck. This is limited to pre-bagged feeds, including our pre-bagged recipes.

Delivery - We do have delivery for customers wanting feed on days outside of the free delivery route, or customers wanting custom mixes. Rates are very reasonable for customers with orders that do not qualify for free delivery.

Bulk Delivery - If you want a minimum of 1 ton (2000 #'s) of feed, & have something to dump it in, we can deliver in our Bulk Truck. Again, local Etna Green addresses qualify for free delivery, while customers outside of Etna Green will enjoy new lower rates for delivery.

Etna & Hartzell Farm Feeds

We have a wide variety of feed mixes that we make right here!

12% All Stock, 12% Horse, 16% Calf, 18% Med Calf, 16% Pig, 16% Show Pig, 18% Show Pig

16% Goat, 20% Goat, 16% Layer, 18% Layer, 20% Broiler

We also have bagged Whole Corn, Cracked Corn, & Oats, as well as other Grains.

Hubbard Feeds, VitaPlus, & Rancher's Choice

There are no shortages for options. If we do not have it in stock, we can place your request on our next order.

We Pickup, or have deliveries from most vendors every week.

Pet Food

Our most popular pet foods are Rancher's Choice Dog Food & Cat Food!

We also carry Diamond Dog Food!

For those of you who want a grain free option, we have Diamond Naturals Dog Food & Cat Food!

Pond Supplies, & Lawn & Garden

We carry pond supplies such as Pond Dyes, Muck Remover, Weed Remover, & Copper Sulfate.

Lawn & Garden supplies can be purchased here as well. Get sprays & dry powder for weeds & insects.